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Main Menu

Item Name Price

01 Fusion Ichiban Fusion

Spicy tuna and tobiko on fried seaweed with rice.

01 Fusion Maki Combo

Tuna maki, California maki, and shrimp tempura maki. Served with miso soup.

01 Spring Sushi Set

44 pieces. One tuna roll, one salmon roll, one avocado roll, one California roll and one snow crab roll with two pieces each of tuna, salmon,...

02 Fusion Maki Combo

Spicy tuna maki, California maki and shrimp tempura maki. (Spicy)

02 Summer Sushi Set

66 pieces. Two tuna rolls, one salmon roll, one asparagus roll, two California rolls, one shrimp tempura roll and one snow crab roll with three...

02 Volcano Soft Shell Crab Fusion

Deep-fried shell crab topped with spicy snow crab.

03 Autumn Sushi Set

82 pieces.Two tuna rolls, two salmon rolls, three California rolls, two shrimp tempura rolls and one spider roll with four pieces each of yellowtail,...

03 Salmon Wraps Fusion

Torched salmon on top of stick, avocado, and asparagus. Topped with eel sauce and scallions.

03 Veggie Maki Combo

Cucumber maki, avocado make, and sweet potato maki. Served with miso soup.

04 Chirashi Sushi Combo

Chef's choice of assorted fresh sashimi over a bed of seasoned rice. Served with miso soup.

04 Tuna Carpaccio Fusion

Served with tuna, spicy ponzu sauce, and olive oil.

04 Winter Sushi Set

102 pieces. Two tuna rolls, two salmon rolls, two yellowtail rolls, four California rolls, one baked salmon roll and one crazy roll with six pieces...

05 Beni Toro Banana Fusion

Fatty salmon wrapped with banana and fried. Served with chef's sauce.

05 Sashimi Combo

Tuna, salmon, hamachi, super white tuna, and tako with white rice on the side. Served with miso soup.

05 Vegetable Sushi Set

44 pieces. One cucumber roll, one avocado roll, one asparagus roll, one Idaho roll, one pumpkin tempura roll, one fruit roll, one garden roll, two...

06 Salmon Special Combo

Salmon sashimi, maki and sushi.

06 Scallop Eel Fusion

Fresh water eel wrap with scallions, deep-fried in light batter and topped with avocado spicy mayo sauce.

07 Sushi Sashimi Deluxe Combo

 Two pieces of each: salmon sushi, eel sushi, shrimp sushi and tuna sushi. One of each: spicy tuna roll, snow crab roll, tempura shrimp roll and...

07 Sushi Tempura Fusion Special

Deep-fried tuna, salmon, yellowtail and sushi with eel sauce.

08 Mass Cucumber Roll Fusion Special

Crabstick, shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado and spicy mayo rolled with cucumber.

08 White Belt Combo

 One piece of tuna, eel and shrimp sushi and, one California maki and one wontom mango maki.

09 Brown Belt Combo

One piece each of tuna, salmon and shrimp sushi and one piece each of spicy tuna maki and eel avocado maki.

09 Kappa Sashimi Roll

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, avocado, crab stick, tobiko and spicy mayo wrapped in cucumber.

10 Black Belt Combo

One piece each of tuna, salmon and yellowtail sushi with one piece each of shrimp tempura maki and snow cran maki.

10 Fish Paster Tempura Roll Fusion Speical

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail paster, crabstick, cucumber, avocado and house sauce. Eight pieces.

11 Fusion Tuna Salmon Ball

With yuzu, spicy mayo sauce.

11 Sushi 3 Kinds Combo

 Combination of three tuna sushi, three salmon sushi and three yellowtail sushi.

12 Tekka Don Combo

 Sliced raw tuna over a bed of seasoned rice.

12 Volcano Lobster Fusion Special

Deep fried lobster topped with grilled spicy snow crab and sweet potato.

13 Sake Don Combo

Sliced raw salmon over a bed of seasoned rice.

14 Fish Don Combo

 Sliced raw tuna, salmon and yellowtail over a bed of seasoned rice.

A01 French Fries


A02 Crispy Crab Wonton

Our version of crab rangoons. Fresh crab meat blended with cream cheese, onions, and sweet chili sauce. Fried crispy in wonton wrappers.

A03 Agedashi Tofu

 Deep-fried organic tofu and asparagus in a light fish broth.

A04 Tempura Appetizer

Shrimp and vegetables deep-fried in light batter and served with warm tempura sauce.

A05 Edamame Appetizer

Boiled soy beans.

A06 Shumai Appertizer

Steamed shrimp. Six pieces.

A07 Gyoza Appetizer

Pan-fried pork dumplings. Six pieces.

A08 Yasai Gyoza Appertizer

 Pan-fried vegetable dumplings. Six pieces.

A09 Sashimi Appetizer

Three pieces of tuna, three pieces of salmon, and two pieces of hamachi.

A10 Pepper Tuna Tataki Appetizer

Torched super white tuna, spicy ponzu sauce, onions, and scallions.

A11 Pepper Salmon Tataki

Salmon, spicy ponzu sauce, onions, and scallions.

A12 Avocado Snow Crab Roll Appetizer

 Avocado, snow crab and mayo deep-fried in a crispy wrapper and chili sauce.

A13 Crispy Ginger Chicken Appetizer

Ginger butter fried chicken.

A14 Octopus Carpaccio Appetizer

Eight pieces with spicy ponzu sauce and olive oil.

A15 Chicken Wings Tempura Appetizer

Spicy Korean style. 

Banana Tempura


Bottled Water


Brown Rice


Brown Sushi Rice


CM01 Baked Salmon Chef's Special Maki

Crab stick, tempura crumb, and spicy mayo topped with a layer of salmon, and spicy and powdered sauce, all baked to perfection.

CM02 Snow Mountain Chef's Special Maki

Shrimp tempura topped with snow crab, mayo, and a layer of avocado and mango.

CM03 Pink Lady Chef's Special Maki

Spicy scallop, tobiko, and cucumber maki with seasoned tuna on top.

CM04 Tuna Carpaccio Chef's Special Maki

Tuna, onion, and spicy mayo, topped with a layer of carpaccio tuna with spicy ponzu sauce.

CM05 Spicy Snow Crab Tempura Chef's Special Maki

Snow crab with spicy mayo, cucumber, and avocado, wrapped inside a golden tempura crust.

CM06 Batman Chef's Special Maki

Tuna tempura with spicy mayo. Topped with grilled eel, avocado, and eel sauce.

CM07 Baked Scallop Chef's Special Maki

Tobiko, scallop, and snow crab on top with avocado and tempura crumb inside. Topped with eel sauce.

CM08 White Lover Chef's Special Maki

Spicy tuna tempura and cucumber inside, with a layer of torched super white tuna and tobiko. With eel sauce on top.

CM09 Tuna Love Chef's Special Maki

Spicy tuna inside with white tuna and tuna on top.

CM10 Hawaii Chef's Special Maki

Mango, sweet potato, banana, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese.

CM11 Harvard Chef's Special Maki

Shrimp tempura topped with tuna, salmon and avocado.

CM12 Baked Chef's Special Lobster Maki

Tobiko, lobster and snow crab on top with avocado crab meat inside and eel sauce

Coke (Can)


Diet Coke (Can)


Fanta Orange (Can)


Free-- Egg Roll

Free-- Chicken Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- General Tso Chicken


Free-- Pork Fried Rice(Sm)

Free-- Sesame Chicken

Free-- Shrimp Egg Rolls (1)


Free--2 Little Soda

Free--Crab Rangoon

Free--Sweet & Sour Checken(Sm)


Free--Veg. Egg Rolls (2)

Free--Vegetable Fried Rice(Sm)

Ginger Ale (Can)


Ginger Dressing


Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Three pieces.

HM01 Cambridge House Special Maki

 Eel tempura with cucumber, topped with tuna, torched with spicy mayo, eel sauce and tobiko

HM02 Rainbow House Special Maki

Crab stick, shrimp and tobiko spicy mayo topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado.

HM03 Spicy Tempura House Special Maki

 Shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna.

HM04 Eel Tempura House Special Maki

 Eel, cream cheese and avocado deep fried with eel sauce.

HM05 Dragon House Special Maki

 Fried sweet potato topped with eel and avocado.

HM06 Snowing House Special Maki

Spicy tuna roll topped with spicy tuna and tobiko.

HM07 Baked Yellowtail House Special Maki

Snow crab, tobiko, tempura crumb, avocado and mayo topped with yellowtail and torched with eel sauce.

HM08 Ming House Special Maki

 Asparagus, cucumber, avocado topped with torched salmon, wasabi sauce and wasabi tobiko.

HM09 Scorpion House Special Maki

 Eel, cucumber, avocado and tobiko with shrimp.

HM10 Caterpillar House Special Maki

 Eel, cucumber, tobiko and spicy mayo with avocado.

HM11 Queen House Special Maki

Cucumber, asparagus, tempura crumb, mango, and spicy mayo topped with avocado.

HM12 JP House Special Maki

 Spicy tuna, yellowtail and avocado topped with a layer of torched salmon and eel sauce.

HM13 Don House Special Maki

 Shrimp tempura topped with eel and avocado.

HM14 House Special Maki

Grilled scallop and salmon topped with spicy snow crab and tempura crumbs. 

HM15 Lobster Tempura House Special Maki

Lobster, cream cheese and asparagus, deep fried and topped with eel sauce

House Green Tea (Bottle)


House Green Tea (Cup)


Ice Cream Tempura


K01 Coconut Chicken Entree


K02 Coconut Salmon Entree


K03 Coconut Tuna Entree


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